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  • A front-end developer with 2+ years commercial experience in delivering client facing sites.
  • Passionate about using modern technology and very keen to improve on existing skills and to learn new ones.
  • 10+ years previous experience as a senior level Analyst Developer specialising in Microsoft Office automation for large financial organisations.
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  • Web DeveloperKarmaramaSep 2018 - Present (2yrs 5mos)summary

    Web Developer working in the Creative Products section of Karmarama. Working on experiences that engage client users and delight them in the process.

    • Building Good Things, the company Pinstagram where staff at Karmarama share articles they see as good, PR, Production, Marketing, etc. Built with NextJS, Prisma (GraphQL data layer) and GraphQL Yoga (Express).
    • Building the company internal HR chatbot, using TypeScript and Xstate.js for the bot with Google Dialogflow for natural language processing.
    • Creative products a11y champion.
    • Team DevOps. As the longest serving member of the Web Team I have had this honour bestowed on me, I oversee deployments of the majority of the projects we host internally.
    • Working daily in an innovative and cutting-edge Technology Team.
    • Working within a close knit team of talented developers who evangelise working within a very well defined development process in an open and collaborative learning and sharing environment.
    • Working on exciting, well-known brands alongside having the opportunity for personal development time and an opportunity to learn, teach and work with a variety of established and new technologies.
    Front-End DeveloperZaiziMar 2018 - Aug 2018 (6mos)summary

    Work as part of agile teams to develop new user-facing features. Using best practices to create front end applications. Using JavaScript frameworks such as React and Gatsby and styling with styled-components 💅

    • Evaluate several CMS' for use, Contentful, GraphCMS and CrafterCMS
    • Working in an agile team in the delivery of initial sprints of the site.
    Analyst DeveloperOES TechnologyNov 2016 - Mar 2018 (1yr 5mos)summary

    Contract work, working on new product development as part of the ACE Chubb merger. Post Chubb, working on GitHub community Build to Learn project.

    • Excel VBA, Word templating and coding, Cluster7 champion.
    • Utilising CSS Grid for layout and styled-components for styling CSS-in-JS
    • GitHub project manager for Build to Learn project with two other remote developers based in Serbia and Egypt building a project with the static site generator JavaScript framework Gatsby.
    VBA DeveloperMansion House ConsultingJan 2016 - Jul 2016 (7mos)summary

    Part of Insight framework development team. Developer of bespoke solutions for clients including but not limited to Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Old Mutual and Tullett Prebon.

    • Developed & maintained a reusable components repository.
    • Championed source code control integration for the product with Visual Studio Team Services.
    • Implementation of using Microsoft PowerPoint as a reporting tool for Deutsche Bank, this incorporated a new class to be used in the reporting framework for Insight which used the existing functionality to report on a SharePoint list into a preconfigured template for risk accountability and a heat map
    Senior Software EngineerFidelityDec 2014 - Dec 2015 (1yr 1mo)summary

    Situated on the Fixed Income Global trading Desk Primary responsibilities include ensuring start of day isn't impacted, monitoring batch machines carrying out triage for any issues that arise. Build and maintain relationships with operations, trading teams and quants to deliver reports.

    • Extract tool which was basically a query tool in Excel for the trade data on bonds, fx and cash, this was stored SQL with Excel building the query string with parameters selected by the user.
    • Implementing coding standards across legacy applications ensuring compliance to agreed structure and testing any changes before deploying to production.
    • Working with large data sets extracting large data sets from the a Bloomberg API to Excel for importing into Oracle via SQL*Loader.
    VBA DeveloperDeloitteAug 2013 - Dec 2014 (1yr 5mos)summary

    Redesign, development and maintenance of existing desktop application. Involvement in client meetings and liaising with clients to gather requirements and deliver products.

    • Migrating all source code from Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS) to Team Foundation Server (TFS)
    • Implemented a custom VBA IDE menu bar tool to export the code modules so they can be stored individually rather than as a BLOBs
    • Responsible for implementing Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) for any new changes which also included writing the individual tests.
    Support DeveloperMSCIOct 2010 - Aug 2013 (2yrs 11mos)summary

    Company develops software applications in-house and the Application Support team is responsible for supporting these systems internally. The systems process property-related financial information. Most utilise current Microsoft technologies but some systems run on other platforms. Ownership of, diagnose and fix issues for a wide range of systems, escalating to developers and keeping users informed as necessary. Ensuring support cases are logged and prioritised. Initial focus is supporting and documenting core processing systems, with emphasis on understanding complex business logic behind these systems. Technical knowledge requires use of SQL to diagnose and fix issues and maintain data.

    • Data collection. Excel-based data collected from multiple client sources and imported into the database. Data is moved through several stages where it is transformed, validated and standardised to a quality where it is suitable for use in reporting. Primarily C# /SQL Server with some Oracle.
    • Core processing. Bespoke Unix-based system producing company core calculations where it's necessary to understand complex business logic.
    • Reporting systems. Use of core system output to produce Excel client reports and datasets suitable for client-facing web applications and tools. Primarily Excel/VBA/SQL Server with C# and Analysis Services.
    • Web-based systems. Includes internal intranet and external subscription sites. The subscription sites are used by external clients to access data in several ways including PDF reports and interactive data mining tools.
    Technical Project ManagerBarclaysMar 2010 - Oct 2010 (8mos)summary

    Seconded to Barclays Capital to project manage, build and test a tool used to ‘link up’ Barclays Capital base rate hedges with Barclays Corporate loan data for the Risk Solutions Group in Credit Markets.

    • Front office role.
    • Built from the ground up in C#
    • Linking hedge products the respective offsetting Barclays Corporate loan account.
    • Recalculating amortization profile of loan account.
    • Producing letters of variation to clients.
    Technical Project ManagerBarclaysJul 2007 - Oct 2010 (3yrs 4mos)summary

    Project manage the development of new systems and enhancements of existing systems within the banks Risk function. Main achievements include: Maintenance of one of the banks systems used to for automatic decision and pricing for medium to large businesses. Estimating project costs and analysis of budgets. Co-ordinate the enhancements for existing systems, working with the business owners. Developed an excellent knowledge of VBA, VBE, VB, SQL Server, MS Access and program design. Writing technical specifications/user guides for new and legacy systems. Provide training for Excel and Access users within the bank who are looking to strengthen their knowledge in a particular area. This is achieved by running a drop-in surgery and structured classes. Participate in and improve all aspects of the application development life cycle, to ensure efficient and effective use of processes, standards tools and resources.

    • Most recent project [Financial Crime Unit Sanctions Workflow Database (Workflow Tool)] winning a Gold ROSCA [Barclays internal award for excellence formerly known as a RAFTA] award for process enhancement.
    • Redeveloping two key systems within the team, both of which had reached the end of their current lifecycle. Both projects were MS Access databases with a client server architecture, involving custom replication via ADO.
    • Championed implementation of VSS into the team, building add-ins for Excel and Access and acting as contact point for queries in the team.
    Business & Information ManagerBarclaysNov 2005 - Jul 2007 (1yr 9mos)summary

    Working in the banks' risk function looking after cost centres, involving monthly reconciliation/attestation and financial planning [£5.4m budget].

    • Winning a Gold RAFTA award [Barclays internal award for excellence] for the creation of the MB&A and Generalist Credit New to Role Training Plan for Credit Managers. My Line Manager and I proactively identified the need to refresh the existing training plans which were used within GLT. The plan included bespoke drop down menus which are specific to the role of the individual and provides time bound actions which include technical skills, Credit Skills Development and the wider aspects of the role including understanding the ethos and culture of Business Banking Risk. The plan incorporates a comprehensive library facility for direct access to relevant documents and web links. The training plan was delivered in a tight timescale to universal praise from the recipients. The impact of the quality of the plan was so great that it was immediately adopted as 'best in breed' by wider Risk teams and HR. The feedback has been excellent, although the best evidence of the quality of this piece of proactive work is the speed and diversity of its wide spread adoption. A piece of work which allows Business Banking Risk to set the pace in providing professional and comprehensive development .This is a first class example of real obsession with making Business Risk a world class environment to work in.
    • I have since constructed similar plans for the New Risk Accreditation plan for Larger Business sector found on the Business Banking Risk Learning intranet.
    • Construction of the Sanctioners Toolkit also won a Silver RAFTA, this also was delivered within a tight timescale [two weeks!] which has also been adopted by all the GLT staff as an essential piece of kit enabling smarter working within the teams. Feedback on this was phenomenal
    Financial & Commercial AssistantBarclaysFeb 2002 - Nov 2005 (3yrs 10mos)summary

    Reporting directly to the Head of Director's Office Finance Team [DOFT], Shared Client Services [SCS]. With specific responsibilities to assist in the day to day management of all financial administration within 17 SCS teams [HO and Network].

    • High level of MS Office experience gained whilst on DOFT particularly with Excel & Excel VBA Assisted the Head of DOFT in the collation of the foundation data for the creation and development of financial models to aid the forecasting process.
    • Assisted the Head of DOFT in the creation of an appropriate annual budget in respect of Shared Client Services.
    • Aiding the Finance Manager in the appropriate allocation of this budget amongst the various SCS Network and HO Teams.
    • Enact measures established to monitor financial performance across the business unit in financial terms and against key actions.
    • Application of costs e.g. staff costs [salaries, overtime and allowances to appropriate cost centres].
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    Sandra Penfold"Scott understands business needs and rapidly meets all requirements. He is great to work with and would be great on any project"
    Paul Gorman"Scott picked up a difficult technical concept relating to the reconciliation of multiple financial products very quickly, including financial derivatives. Very unusually, he also had to do this whilst learning and applying SQL database programming in an investment banking sales environment where the only choice was self-directed learning and working without support. Scott was excellent - self-supporting, motivated, quick to learn and focused on delivery. I would not only recommend him, I would seek to work with him again in the future. Ah, if only he hadn't left the company..."