Scott Spence

Scott Spence

JavaScript Developer

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A JavaScript developer with almost 5 years of commercial experience in working in development teams delivering projects.

With over 6 years experience in using JavaScript, HTML and CSS, and commercial experience in using frameworks like Svelte (almost 2 years) and React (almost 5 years).

Enthusiastic about using modern technology and very keen to improve on existing skills and to learn new ones.

10+ years previous experience as a senior-level Analyst Developer specialising in Microsoft Office automation for large financial organisations.

Location: UK (Swanley, Kent)

Developer Relations Engineer

Aug 2022 - Present (6mos)


Helping enterprise customers to understand and get value out of Storyblok in workshops, tutorials, and customer demos.

Write sample applications, prototypes, and code samples to showcase the power and flexibility of Storyblok and the headless approach to content management.

Help external developers to overcome missing functionalities or technical issues by using plugins, tools, apps, or custom scripts.

Contribute code updates and bug fixes to Storyblok’s public projects (e.g. SDKs, sample applications, starter kits).


Representing Storyblok at Svelte Summit Fall 2022.

Developer Advocate

Apr 2021 - Jul 2022 (1yrs 4mos)


Content creation in the form of blog posts, workshops and educational videos.

Coordinating meet-up events and conference talks to gather and energise users.

Creating and maintaining partnerships with community and industry leaders.

Gathering feedback from community and end-users to communicate with product development to improve product designs.


Svelte Society London co-organiser, co-ordinated the Svelte London meet-up for the last seven months now.

Jamstack Conf 2021 Workshop, “Build with SvelteKit and GraphQL” build a fast secure project that uses SvelteKit’s features.

Jamstack Explorers Mission: ”Building with SvelteKit and GraphCMS“.

Recorded 26 (and counting) getting started videos for the GraphCMS examples repo on GitHub.

Blog posts on getting started with SvelteKit and Data Binding with Svelte.

Web Developer

Sep 2018 - Apr 2021 (2yrs 8mos)


Web Developer working in the Creative Products section of Karmarama. Working on varied projects. Mainly front end with React.

Team DevOps. As the longest serving member of the Web Team overseeing deployments of the majority of projects hosted internally. This was using a mixture of old Ubuntu servers (v16) and Rackspace servers (v18).


Built internal Pinstagram used for onboarding and pitchbooks where staff at Karmarama share articles seen as good, PR, Production, Marketing, etc. Built with NextJS, Prisma (GraphQL data layer) and GraphQL Yoga (Express).

Evangelised the use of Gatsby in the team for sites that did not need a lot of user generated content.

One of the first projects (client design system) to use MDX with Gatsby.

Created a client PWA with Preact using Lottie animations provided by in house illustrator.

Worked on custom built CMS for client using vanilla React.

Front-End Developer

Mar 2018 - Aug 2018 (6mos)


Worked in agile teams to develop new user-facing features. Using best practices to create front end applications. Using JavaScript frameworks such as React and Gatsby and styling with styled-components 💅


Evaluate several CMS’ for use, Contentful, GraphCMS and CrafterCMS

Working in an agile team in the delivery of initial sprints of the site.


Mechanical keyboards, a never ending rabbit hole!

Writing how-to’s and guides on

Watching YouTube videos on mechanical engineering and restorations.

Massive Drum and Bass fan!